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Watchtower Study – November 26, 2023 – Let Mildness Be Your Strength

In this video we will see how the writers of this Watchtower article put emphasis on the organization and avoid praising Jesus.

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Watchtower Study – June 4, 2023 – By This All Will Know That You Are My Disciples

This video shows how the focus of the organization is moving more and more toward appealing to emotions rather than focusing on the Bible.

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Watchtower Study – April 2, 2023 – “The Love the Christ Has Compels Us”

In this Watchtower review we will see that the writers of the Watchtower are not consistent with what the Watchtower actually teaches, showing that they don’t understand what they are writing.

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How Do I Successfully Witness To A Witness?

Nearly every Jehovah’s Witness who has experienced the process of “waking up” from the organization has the dilemma of wanting and trying to help others to do the same. In this video I will share some do’s and don’ts which … Continue reading

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a Message From The Governing Body

In this video we will listen to a message from each one of the 8 governing body members to you!

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