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Watchtower Study – December 31, 2023 – Explore Every Dimension of God’s Word

In this video I expose how the Watchtower organization keeps very tight control upon the rank and file witnesses and at the same time the organization limits the abilities of God and Jesus to work in the lives of Jehovah’s … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – October 15, 2023 – Learn From Daniel’s Example

In this video we will see how the Watchtower organization uses some of the same tactics the Babylonians used to indoctrinate their captives.

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Watchtower Study – December 11, 2022 – You Can Find True Happiness

This video contains a brief overview of the Watchtower study for December 11, 2022. We also examine another New World Translation change to a Scripture quoted in this article.

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Watchtower Study – December 26, 2021 – Hold Fast to the Truth With Strong Conviction

In this video we will examine the Watchtower study article for December 26, 2021.

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Watchtower Says, “Some Types Of Anxiety Are Good”

Yes, it’s true! The Watchtower teaches that some types of anxiety are good. In this video we will compare the Examining The Scriptures Daily from 4/25/2021 with what the Bible actually teaches and do a little critical thinking in the … Continue reading

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It’s Time For The Memorial, Should I Partake… Or Not?

In the Spring of every year Jehovah’s Witnesses invite millions of people to gather together and observe what they call, “the memorial of Christ’s death.” During this most important occasion, millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses will pass up, or reject the … Continue reading

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Bible vs Watchtower – Intending To Change Times And Law (Part 2 of 6 Bible Prophecy)

In this video I share the topic that caused me to “wake up” from the JW organization. Most Christians (JW’s included) minimize and even disregard this subject, but I will show from the Bible why this is so important. This … Continue reading

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Did The 10 Commandments Exist Before Sinai?

What do you think? Did the Ten Commandments exist before Sinai? Over the years as a Jehovah’s Witness I asked this question many times. I asked not only publishers, both brothers and sisters, but also many “mature” brothers in the … Continue reading

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