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How Far Will They Go?

The Watchtower, otherwise known as, has made a few of what some would consider, drastic doctrine and policy changes in 2023. Are more changes coming? Will they have to, “amend” some of the changes they have already made to … Continue reading

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Watchtower’s Deadliest Doctrine!

The Watchtower, also known as JW.ORG, has manipulated millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses into believing that God and the Bible condemn blood transfusions. In this video we examine the Bible and the illustrations used by the Watchtower and the “Reasoning” book. … Continue reading

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Blood Transfusions, Are They Wrong?

The Watchtower Society’s requirement that Jehovah’s Witnesses must refuse to accept blood transfusions dates back to 1945. Misinterpreting the Old Testament prohibition against eating animal blood as a routine food item, the Watchtower Society began teaching that receiving a blood … Continue reading

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