This website is designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s) who are questioning or have questioned some of the teachings of the Watchtower organization. The purpose of this site is not to be apologetic nor to slander or put down JW’s. They are wonderful people. While I believe that JW’s do have some Bible truths, (the state of the dead and paradise earth) I also believe they are missing some vital truths. Within this website, we will analyze the JW’s view of doctrines such as the return of Jesus, blood transfusions, apostasy, etc. I will show Biblical reasoning points to share with your JW family or friends. Please feel free to make comments or ask questions on this website, or you can email me if you like. I will personally moderate all comments and I will not allow slanderous posts against the Jehovah’s Witnesses to be published on this site. However, I will allow honest observations which may be controversial to some. All comments must meet my standard of approval to be published. Should you decide to email me, all information will be kept confidential. Thanks for visiting this site!




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  1. Razor Swift says:

    “I also believe they are serving God and Jesus with a sincere heart.”

    I think they *try* to serve them, but in reality they are not at all (Luke 6:46). Glad to see that you got out.

  2. Eric says:

    Great to see that some got out of the mental trap many are subjected to . I am still associating for personal reasons , but intend to leave when the oppotunity arrives, and have not been to field service for over a year and half now. I am a born-in, got baptized 1974 and was inactive for over twenty yrs for no doctrinal causes, but chosing to get active again 2008. But that only lasted 3yrs before questions started setting in. I was never indoctrinated enough to be any of these servants , but what I found intriging in your story is , what prompted you to be so zealous ? And when and how did it dawn on you that , this is just isn’t the truth? A feedback will be really appreciated. Thanks

  3. Nan Restid says:

    I was a Witness for over 46 years, the first in my family of 9 – all of whom subsequently became Witnesses, except for one. I was a child of the 60s, looking for answers, and the Witnesses seemed to have them, including a family to join and find real love and brotherhood, something I never had within my own large family.
    From the start, some things bothered me (counting time, mandatory meetings, giving up a full scholarship to college, etc.) but I felt sacrifices made were part of a true Christian life. So I sacrificed.
    I will never stoop to insulting my former friends, although having disassociated myself, along with my husband, 3 children and their mates, we are now shunned.
    We now believe the Watchtower to be as close to a cult as is possible to be. Mind control is the method. Once we were unafraid to read “outside the organization” we knew we had to leave. The excellent books published by Ray Franz were extremely helpful in putting into words our own struggles, and I will be ever grateful to that good man for all his hard work.
    I pray that many more (if not all) Jehovah’s Witnesses will someday break free from the terrible pharisaical control of the Watchtower.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Cathrine says:

    I am an inactive witness. I dont believe it is a cult but a very conservative religion with distinct practices and traditions. Cults generally involve one leader, are very punitive (and not just simply disfellowshipping), and involve taking your money. JWs are generally genuine, and good in their intentions. Ive attended other churches and have exposed myself to learn about other religions. Ive enjoyed this journey. I just think organized religion is divisive in nature , I prefer to focus on what make us similar than different in terms of our love of God and his son Jesus Chist and I simply enjoy reading my bible.

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