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How Far Will They Go?

The Watchtower, otherwise known as, has made a few of what some would consider, drastic doctrine and policy changes in 2023. Are more changes coming? Will they have to, “amend” some of the changes they have already made to … Continue reading

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Just a brief update to let you know what is happening on my end. Related posts: Breaking News! – Governing body now approves of beards! 2022 Governing Body Update #2 2022 Governing Body Update #1 2021 Governing Body Update #10

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Watchtower Study – January 14, 2024 – How Jehovah Guarantees His Promise of Paradise

What is the “guarantee” which the Bible mentions? Is it the promise of paradise or something else? In this video we will once again see how / the Watchtower (or governing body) has little to no understanding of what … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – January 7, 2024 – Cherish Your Privilege to Worship in Jehovah’s Spiritual Temple

This is a brief informal video revealing the absurdity of this article title and its content. Related posts: Watchtower Study – October 22, 2023 – Learn From Bible Prophecy Watchtower Study Overview – April 16, 2023 – Get More out … Continue reading

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