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Watchtower Study – July 30, 2023 – Keep Traveling on “the Way of Holiness”

In this video I “recycled” a 2021 video I made which contains a David Splane talk given at the annual meeting for that year. We will examine how Watchtower once again replaces Jesus with the organization and the “faithful slave”. … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – July 23, 2023 – How Jehovah Answers Our Prayers

In this video I show once again how the organization tries to lower Jesus’ position. Related posts: Watchtower Study – February 12, 2023 – You Will Be With Me In Paradise Watchtower Study – January 22, 2023 – Let Nothing … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – July 16, 2023 – Improving the Quality of Our Prayers

This study article covers 5 things the Watchtower says JW’s can pray about. We will review these in this video. Related posts: Watchtower Study Overview – April 16, 2023 – Get More out of Your Bible Reading Watchtower Study – … Continue reading

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How JW.ORG Manipulates You! – Watchtower Study – July 9, 2023

In this video we will look at subtle ways the Watchtower manipulates and influences the minds of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Related posts: Watchtower Study – January 15, 2023 – How Jehovah Helps Us to Endure With Joy 2023 Governing Body Update … Continue reading

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