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Watchtower Study – December 31, 2023 – Explore Every Dimension of God’s Word

In this video I expose how the Watchtower organization keeps very tight control upon the rank and file witnesses and at the same time the organization limits the abilities of God and Jesus to work in the lives of Jehovah’s … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – December 24, 2023 – “He Will Make You Strong”​—How?

In this video we see more Watchtower hypocrisy revealed and I share a friend’s personal testimony. Related posts: Watchtower Study – March 12, 2023 – Be Transformed By Making Your Mind Over Organizational Peer Pressure, Does It Affect You? How … Continue reading

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Watchtower Study – December 17, 2023 – Are you “Ready to Obey?”

In this video we will see how the organization is becoming more and more insistent that Jehovah’s Witnesses obey their every command. Related posts: Keep Ready For Jehovah’s Day Watchtower Study – August 20, 2023 – Elders – Learn From … Continue reading

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Breaking News! – Governing body now approves of beards!

This is an update on the beard policy of the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Related posts: 2022 Governing Body Update #2 2021 Governing Body Update #10 2021 Governing Body update #9 Examining The 2021 Governing Body Update #1

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In Memory of My Friend – Thank You!

On a personal note I made this video to thank all of you who prayed for my friend. Related posts: November 5, 2023 – Brief Update – Does “The Truth” Set Jehovah’s Witnesses Free? Digging Deeper – Why Did … Continue reading

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